Research and development

Innovation – the driving force behind zafaco systems

The area of research and development is an essential part of zafaco systems’ strategy. zafaco systems focuses its attention on a forward-looking examination of new technologies, is characterised by a high level of commitment to innovative development and thus contributes significantly to raising its profile and its level of recognition in the professional world.

Our technical know-how coupled with years of experience

  • includes system design, hardware development and layout, mechanical design and prototyping, as well as software and firmware development and complex applications on different operating systems,
  • begins with the preparation of studies and process solutions and ends with prototype construction and transition to manufacturing in series production,
  • is applicable in wireless technology, telecommunications technology, internet technology and video technology.

Our customers appreciate our broad mission profile, our flexibility and reliability. We would be delighted to convince you too in the processing of your development tasks.

Collaboration with research institutions 

zafaco systems actively cooperates with leading universities and research institutions in the implementation of projects in research and development. The project AV QoX for example is based on the quality measurement system for IP streaming-based services developed by the research group data networks of Cologne University and zafaco and is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics (BMWi) as part of the ZIM programme. 

This collaboration leads to a mutual exchange of knowledge which strengthens our innovative drive. On the one hand, it serves the transfer of research results into business and on the other, gives zafaco systems permanent contact to academic institutions.