It’s a smartphone world!

The development of mobile technologies has grown significantly in importance in recent years, such that, due to their technological advances, smartphones are increasingly able to use mobile multimedia services.

These multimedia services present great challenges for the transmission systems, since the use of these services in mobile communications is often disturbed by the very faulty transmission, which has a negative effect on end-user satisfaction.


Mobile services under the microscope

kyago supports a wide range of technologies and services in the field of mobile services. The ability to simulate a user with the wide range of activities on a mobile device makes kyago the extensive test and monitoring platform on the market.

Use on smartphones

The kyago AV QoX extension is also available for mobile use on smartphones. Since the available resources of a smartphone are used by the entire system, an extension has been implemented which does justice to these resources.

Thus, the video quality evaluation is possible directly on the smartphone. To this end, the quality of service and quality of experience are determined using the non-reference approach (NR).

Track down deficiencies and secure QoS and QoE!

Supported Services

  • Video (Video Streaming, Video Quality)
  • Messaging (SMS, EMS, MMS, Instant Messaging, EMail)
  • Browsing
  • WEB 2.0
  • Content Analysis
  • Third-Party Integration (Skype etc.)
  • Protocol Analysis

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