Modern talking?

With the increasing proliferation of DSL and cable-based Internet access, voice transmission using IP protocol over broadband networks is becoming increasingly important. At the same time, the development and implementation of the so-termed Next Generation Networks (NGNs) of the established telephone service providers, which have also implemented an integrated service range including voice service on IP-based networks, is progressing.

In light of these developments, the question of the experienced service quality for VoIP is increasingly important.


Voice under the microscope

The end-to-end speech quality measurements of the kyago platform can be performed between measurement systems at various locations. To this end, connections are set up via end customer interfaces.

To determine the end-to-end voice quality of the respective connections, standard ITU-T voice samples of male and female voices are repeatedly transmitted in both communication directions and compared with the originals in the subsequent automated assessment process. The evaluation of speech quality is based on ITU-T standards.

As a further QoE aspect relevant for end customers, voice quality measurements can be performed at the same time as bandwidth utilisation of the respective product. For this, parallel to the voice quality measurement, larger data amounts are transferred from and to data reference systems and IPTV measurements initiated.

Track down deficiencies and secure QoS and QoE!

Supported Services

  • PSTN, CSD, VoIP and SIP Support
  • Voice Quality PESQ and POLQA
  • Multi-party calls across geography
  • Voicemail
  • IVR/DTMF capability
  • Audio recording, playback, and storage
  • Third-Party Integration (Skype etc.)
  • Protocol Analysis

Further information

Further details on the technical design and the quality characteristics are described in the whitepaper “kyago – Die Multi Play- und Benchmarking Plattform”. We are happy to send you the whitepaper on request.
Interested? Then simply send us a brief mail.